We have obtained the  ISO 9001/2008 certification and we are preparing the ISO 14001 /2004 certification.


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The certification CAPEA was obtained in june 2007.

The certification ISO 9001 was obtained in june 2011.


Statement of direction

Customers demanding more quality, a complex activity and the progress of the company highlighting the need for a structured approach.

I chose ISO 9001 as a model for our quality requirements, which will enable us to:



  • improve customer satisfaction,
  • optimize the management of each case,
  • better meet deadlines,
  • improve the profitability of the company.


I demand the active participation of all staff in the creation of our quality system and compliance in different documents.
I undertake to provide the necessary means to achieve our goals of quality, safety, environmental and all legal and regulatory requirements.

I called Véronique Marco representative of management to :



  • implement and operate the system quality management,
  • ensure the implementation of documentation and records
  • ensure communication within the company, to our customers with the help of the technical and external agencies
  • ensure its evolution in relation to the activities, products and organization of society ERIL, regulation and legislation, and ISO 9001,
  • fulfill its reporting to management.


For my part I keep an active part in this process by supervising the adequacy and performing an annual management review.